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accounting system designed for the small business

Buy invoice and accounting system invoiceit! here

Designed for small to medium businesses with tiny budgets, but big demands, invoiceit! is the complete business tool and accounting system.

Our business partner, SWREG, will enable you to safely and easily make your purchase with any major credit card or PayPal. Other forms of payment also accepted. You can trust SWREG because they have been providing credit card payment services on the web since 1987. Please note that they do not provide technical support.  To order safely by credit card, click on individual link or buy button below
Prices shown are in U.S. Dollars. 
Some orders may be subject to tax:  US Residents - EU Residents - NZL Residents


single-user license - includes free e-mail support for 12 months 
refer *Support policy for exceptions

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single-user license, with support CD
as above, CD content shown at lower right.
add $10
US County Tax option
USA only
US County Tax option
we recommend this option if you're required to charge county tax Read more
Click any 'buy' button above, then select that option.
add $10

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invoiceit!Lite user license
includes PDF manual. 
Limited support but an amazing price
refer *Support policy for details

To learn more about Lite, view manual or video tutorial

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single-user license, with support CD
as above, CD content shown at lower right.
add $10
invoiceit! Network
  A network license is required where two or more computers share invoiceit data. Server does not count as a seat, unless it is also a workstation.
invoiceit!Lite cannot be networked.



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single license Upgrade 
from invoiceit!4 or invoiceit!Pro 5.1 
to invoiceit!Pro 5.2  
concessions for upgrading network licenses available

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single license Upgrade 
from invoiceit!Lite  

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Support Ticket - valid for one incident until resolved. 
It applies to the 'paid support' incidents * shown below. 

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Support CD only, incl. packing and postage
(includes all trial versions of invoiceit! but does not include license codes)

*Support policy
Pre-purchase and after-sale tech support is free for a year, apart from the four incidents described below. Free support for invoiceit!Lite is limited to one question/week.

Paid support:
lost license code - buy 1 support ticket above - use same details as on original order, if possible, so we can verify your license code
new/crashed computer - buy 1 support ticket above, then send your question by e-mail
import file analyses - buy 1 support ticket above, then e-mail us a copy of your import template file with your questions.
data file analyses - buy 2 support tickets above, then e-mail us a .ZIP copy of your data file (Pro: inv5data.mdb; Lite: invLdata.mdb) with your questions. Ticket price will be refunded if problem is identified as a bug.

Privacy protection guarantee
If you send us your data for analyses, we will treat it totally confidential - as soon as you confirm that the matter is resolved, your data is purged from our system. We guarantee that unconditionally. 

Order by phone, money order or direct deposit from our agents 
BMT Micro, Wilmington NC, USA

click here
for printable order form and full details

US residents: our agents SWREG are required to add Sales Tax to orders from residents in those states where sales tax applies. This came into effect in January 2015.   
EU residents: our agents SWREG are required to add your local VAT to the above charges by European Commission's Directive 2002/38 which came into force 1 July 2003. Provide your VAT registration number and no VAT will be charged.
NZ residents: because we are NZ based, you can pay in NZ$ by direct credit, if you prefer. Please e-mail us for bank account details (NZ residents only).

IMPORTANT: The e-mail address you provide is used to send you a receipt for your purchase and the registration code. We value your privacy and will never give your e-mail address to anyone. 


What makes invoiceit smarter

1. More automation
An accounting system where most entries are automatic is easy accounting -
and that's what you get with invoiceit!Pro
2. Fewer clicks
Select from saved products list to write your invoices
3. Fast navigation
always return to where you left off
4. Great looks
your invoices and other documents look exactly as you want them

Content of support CD

1. Installation files:
invoiceit!Pro, invoiceit!Lite
2. Documentation:
Quick-start manual
How to write invoices - selling Products
How to write invoices - selling Services
How to set up for Credit Card transactions
invoiceit! Help files
Flash demo of invoiceit!Lite
Promo video of invoiceit!Pro
3. Lite demo
Shows in real time how to write an invoice, how to add new client on-the-fly, and how to add shipping charges
4. Web pages
pages from this website, incl. FAQs, program tour and more...


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