invoiceit!Pro is your complete contact management software - the only one with built-in direct marketing module

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contact management software

Contact Management System

Organize all your contacts with invoiceit!Pro. 

Includes Task Manager, Credit Manager, 
scheduler, direct marketing module (refer Marketing at right) and instant access to all transactions with your contacts

invoiceit! contact management software
type F to go full size - invoiceit!Pro is a business package that is much more than Contact Management software. 

<-- the main Contacts work space

This is where all the components of invoiceit!Pro come together - send e-mail, set up appointments, call with built-in phone dialer, manage tasks, client credit, shipping addresses and more.
Review transaction history, like sales, quotes, contracts and jobs.
One-click invoice writer (or Quote, Purchase Order or set up a job or auto-billing).
invoiceit! has built-in task manager
Manage tasks assigned to staff with invoiceit!Pro
Task Manager
to set up and manage tasks for staff, both customer-related and other tasks. All tasks are summarized on the To-do diary and linked in with our scheduler.
With invoiceit!Pro everyone knows what to do.
invoiceit! credit manager
With invoiceit!Pro you control credit to customers
Credit Manager 
control the credit you give customers - set limits or credit stop to prevent sales to debtors who don't pay promptly.
Tied in with e-mail reminders to overdue debtors.
invoiceit! mail store
type F to go full size - with invoiceit!Pro you can save outgoing mail by customer to help find messages quickly.
Mail store by customer
save outgoing mail by customer to help find messages quickly.
View or print a list of mail messages to selected customer.
invoiceit! contact notepad
invoiceit!Pro lets you make unlimited notes about any contact.
Client notepad with unlimited space
with time stamp feature, which shows latest message on top. Can be called up from most places where you select customers, vendors or creditors. 
Full client profile available, which includes everything you have on a client, even recent sales stats.
invoiceit! sales stats overview by customer
invoiceit!Pro gives you instant customer sales stats.
Sales stats by product 
view current product sales stats by customer. It shows what they buy from you and the last time they did. A similar screen shows what YOU buy from a vendor and the last time you did.
invoiceit! contact list report writer
Contact list report writer is included with invoiceit!Pro - easy to create and filter.
contacts list report 
can be filtered and sorted in many different ways, with this filter box. You can also save specific list reports using the report writer feature.
invoiceit! is fully customisable
example of many custom lists:  contact methods editor give you complete control of the fields you need.
you can also customize
   contact groups
   contact methods
   tasks list
   customer price levels
   sales persons
  click to view feature in detail
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