Windows 10 install problem: This app has been blocked for your protection

When you see this warning, Windows 10 is not able to recognize our file certificate and so prevents installation. Win10BlockErrorOur program is not alone as  Win 10 denies many other files from being installed for the same reason. Here is how you can overcome this:

Step 1: Launch Start menu with Windows key +X
Click ‘Command Prompt (Admin)’ (or type A)
Select Yes on prompt
                “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?”

Step 2: The black window that opens is the Command Prompt.
            Type: net user administrator /active:yes   
             then hit Enter.
You should see the message saying
                       “command completed successfully“.
Step 3: Launch Start Menu once again and right-click on user-account title
            at the top-left of the screen (It is probably your name).
            Then click Sign-out.
Step 4: At the login screen, log into the Administrator account.
Step 5: Locate and run the invoiceit .exe file you want to install, double-click it.
            If you can’t find it, download it again, save to disk,
               then click to start installation.
Step 6: Since you are now logged into the Administrator account,
            the Smartscreen protection will be disabled
            and the installation should complete successfully.
            (You will get a msg that you have been blocked ‘for your protection’
              Select ‘Install anyway‘ when the prompt appears)
             Installation now starts
Step 7: After you have completed the installation, just log back into your regular account after logging out of the Admin account. You should see the invoiceit shortcut (an orange exclamation mark)

What TradeMe users had to say

New Zealand users will undoubtedly be aware of TradeMe, the ubiquitous trading website that is for NZ what e-Bay is for the rest of the world.

We have sold invoiceit there since 2008 and have been collecting the feedback from purchasers of invoiceit!Pro, as it relates to our product. Below is a list of these unsolicited comments, often send long after the program was installed.  I let them speak for themselves…although the most salient point is at the end.

▪ Nice software. (lusi1030)
▪ excellent product, extremely satisfied  (menegurl)
▪ Great product. Recommend this product for all small business users. Easy to work on. Great customer support. Thanks. (tradewarenz)
▪ VERY happy with service and program – not as complex as MYOB but certainly very adequate for the small business. thank you :O) (shamshir-egems)
▪ very helpful when replying to questions and very professional (train1)
▪ My colleagues said I needed this product badly…and after a little help registering I was up and running in no time. Excellent product to navigate with easy Help or F1 features. Can’t wait to blow my competition out of the market…well look good on paper anyway. Returned call promptly to help, CD arrived in mail also as promised, and able to use right away. 5 Stars in Book. Recommend to anyone and I don’t give accolades lightly. Thank you.   (nztrs)
▪ Great Product, easy to use and get going. I have tossed out myob which was complete $#!t in comparison.  (wemme)
▪ Everything that I have seen about this software so far is brilliant. It comes with most modules that are normally parts of much bulkier (and far more expensive) ERP packages. Top work ! Thanks. (makonz)
▪ Thank you great service and awesome product just what i was looking for and a good price  (9937)
▪ Great software. really happy with the after service as well. (brngit1)
▪ Excellent product highly recommend!   (0425)
▪ Next day delivery, would recommend to anyone. Great software for price  (alt_b)
▪ good system, everything it was claimed to be  (ant94)
▪ awesum that program can be downloaded and used straight away. Great program too.  (gu1targ0ddess)
▪ Bernard is great to deal with – have been a long time user – great software   (powermanager)
▪ great software which help business a lots.RECOMMEND TO ALL BUYERS  (d-trade)
▪ software looks great   (rockpit)
▪ great product,found it easy to use. Will make my life easier. thanks (bmimports)
▪ Great product   (eking)
▪ Software a lot easyier to use than MYOB I found (tagoods)
▪ very happy with the software, – so easy to use, would recommend to other small businesses. (liza1404)
▪ Great product & easy to use. (cj5_nz)
▪ Much easier to use than MYOB (sez8219)
▪ Highly recommend their software. They said it was easy, man its a piece of cake. VERY HAPPY 🙂 (swimgearcompany)
▪ a very handy program! (bonzo1)
▪ Invoiceit is just wonderful, Great service and I don’t know why I Waited so long. (justtagit)
▪ are happy with the product. Would definitely recommend. (jsks07)
▪ recommend invoiceit program (reuben241)
▪ great product very easy to use. Highly recommended to all. (exotics)
▪ product easy to use (anna-shopping)
▪ great product. Highly recommend. (kgurl)
▪ Supportive all the way. (jokham)
▪ One of the best traders on Trade Me. No mucking around, Excellent communication, Friendly service, Incredible support service and Very very good software VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TRADER and SOFTWARE! (gtmech)
▪ Awesome system. (clarelee)
▪ Awesome product (stin)
▪ Great software (mattdev)
▪ Invoiceit is a great package and easy to use. (joyces)

TradeMe member names shown in italic.

Not from TradeMe, but from a user who has been using invoiceit for ten years and recently upgraded his computer:

Good thing your software lasts longer than the machines it’s built to run on.”   Don Waller, Islip Terrace, NY,


New version 5.2.07 released

A new version is out and you can upgrade free if you have 5.2.xx, or newversionfor a small charge if your existing version is older.

Write to us for easy-to-follow upgrade instructions. Please include your current version.

Changes include fixes for a few issues brought to our notice recently, including stock updates when reversing a credit with CR button and tax report changes (now applies setting from Setup p.1 for NZL/AUS/GBR users. The full list of recent improvement is on our website, so click here.

Measure where your business comes from

Do you know where your business comes from? Are you asking customers where they found you? If you don’t, it will be guesswork if your advertising or promotional campaigns actually bring in the bacon.

In Invoiceit!Pro you find a handy little tool to help you with this. It is a custom list called ‘Source’ in which you can enter the various campaigns and other sources of your business and assign them to your quotes, contracts or invoices. You find it in three of the main menus: Quotes, Invoices and Auto-Billing at top right. source1


To edit the list, click the pencil button and add as many entries as you need.

The funnel button at right lets you quickly filter all quotes or invoices. It will show only those that match the entry (or those that have no source, if field is empty). This gives you an instant review of progress. A counter at top shows you how many sales there are.

Over in Reports menu, under Sales Stats, you find a sales summary by Source, a spreadsheet-type summary of the last twelve months’ sales by source.

Stats by referral source are also available under the Quotations option.

All you have to do is ask your customer where they found you when they order or ask for a quotation (if they don’t tell you themselves) or incorporate some reference into your campaign so you can trace the business back to specific marketing activity.

Invoiceit!Pro gives you more than simple invoicing. It is also a great marketing tool. Make more money with our software.

Filter your data

It is often useful to extract records that match specific criteria, for example to list only those customers belonging to a certain group.  This can be helpful when updating related data.  Here are some of the ways this can be done.

1) Funnel buttons

Filter buttons next to group fields
Filter buttons next to group fields

most of the main menus have groupings at top right, as in this example from the Contacts menu. Next to those are pencil buttons which let you edit those groupings and, at far right, the filter button (shown in red).

Find any record that matches the group you want to look at, then click the filter button. Below is an example where we want to look at all contacts that belong to the ‘Corporate’ group.

Filter is active (red counter at top)

You know the filter is active from the red counter field at top. Here we have 8 ‘corporate’ customers.  You can now scroll through these 8 customers using the arrow buttons at top right and make any edits.

It is also possible to filter a blank, so in our example we could bring up all customers who have no group assigned to them. To set a group, click the up arrow at top right (showing the first such customer), set the group, then click right arrow. To copy the same entry from the previous record, click on the field, then use Ctrl+’ (hold Ctrl key and press apostrophe). This copies the data from the previous customer’s field you want to update.

To unset the filter, click the button to the right of the counter, or click on the main menu button again.

Filter3 Find Button – Contacts, Purchase Orders, Quotations, Invoices and Contracts (auto invoicing setup)

To find one of the above, click on the “Find” button at top. On the pop-up that follows, you can search for an entry 

  • by client name (vendor name on P/O)
  • by number (range)
  • by date (range)
  • by product (searches by product code)
  • by description (also searches Extra field)

After selection and entry of search criteria, click Start Search and the search result is shown at right.

Double-click the ID at left to go the required entry.

To find another entry from the same search, click the Find button again. To start a new search pattern, click ‘Reset’.

Filter4 Find List button (top of left menu bar)

Double-click ID at far left to jump to that document.

All other columns can be sorted. Click once for A-Z, click again for Z-A.

Move a column: click column header (cursor becomes down arrow), point to column header and drag to desired position

Resize a column: point to line which separates two column headers (cursor turns into a cross) drag left or right to resize column. Double-click header separator to autofit the column to widest content.

Move and resize changes will not be retained.

You cannot make data changes on this list.

Filter5 Binocular button

Although many forms in invoiceit! are designed to let you find a record quickly, there are times when this is not enough [e.g. search in a minor data field]. To find an item in any field, move your cursor to that field, then press the ‘binocular‘ button [top right] – or press Ctrl + F. The search window appears.

Enter the text or number in the first field [“Find What”], select whether the text you typed is the whole entry, at the beginning of the field or anywhere in the field [“Where”], then press “Find First”. With a little experimenting you will soon get the hang of this. It is a fast way to find anything. Click on “All Fields” to search the entire form [this takes a bit longer, though].

With this method you can find one record at a time. 

More Filter options

Records Menu and filter options

To find whole sets of records meeting certain criteria, you should use the filter options.

Filter by selection [from Records Menu, select “Filter – by selection”]. Filters do not apply to reports.

Selecting the entire contents of a field [or placing the cursor in a field without selecting anything] finds records in which the entire contents of that field matches the selection. Example: You select the value “Berlin” in the City field. The filter returns all records with Berlin as the city.

Selecting part of a value starting with the first character in a field finds records in which the value in that field starts with the same characters you selected. Example: In the Client Name field containing the value “France restauration,” you type only “Fran” The filter returns all records that have a company name starting with “Fran,” such as Franchi S.p.A. and Frankenversand.

Selecting part of a value starting after the first character in a field, finds records in which all or any part of the value in that field contains the same characters you selected. Example: In the Contact Name field containing the value “Old World Delicatessen,” you select the letters “Del”, then select ‘Filter by selection’ from the Records menu. The filter returns all customers that have “del” anywhere in the Contact Name field, such as Ernest Handel, Galería del gastrónomo, and Que Delícia.

A filter can be applied to records that have already been filtered. For example you may have a list showing only clients in Dallas and now highlight a zip code to show only clients whose address match that zip.

Remove the filter by selecting ‘Remove Filter’ from the Records Menu.

It is sometimes quicker to sort the content of the form in alpha-numeric order. Click on the field you wish to sort – then select from the Records Menu – Sort – ascending or descending order.

Welcome to our new blog

Welcome to our new blog

I come across two main requirements that people tell me they want from their software:

  • software must be cheap -that’s the easy one.

invoiceit! is under $100 and there are no ongoing fees. After a year, free support ends and then it’s a support ticket, which you purchase from our website.

  • software must be easy to use (and simple) – the problem is how to define this.

What is difficult for one person can be very simple to someone else, but I think we have the solution. We’ve come up with a fantastic, easy way to teach you how to work this software with just a couple of clicks – we call it SpeedHelp.  It is opened with the big blue i button at top left of the main screen (or with Ctrl+H).

find any task quickly
find any task quickly

On the left are the main sections and when you click on one, the Action column at right gives you the tasks you may want to do. Click on a task (called ‘Action’) and you are instantly taken to that menu and the start of your task.

How to
Quick help to do many tasks

It shows you how, along with any options you can set in the program that might make this task easier or quicker.  Use Ctrl+P to print this topic, or print all the topics for that menu. It makes for a simple operating manual. More than 450 actions can be explained here.

For more detailed help, press F1 key anywhere in the program.  Here’s a sample page:


These can be searched, printed or even converted to PDF. There are more than 200 main topics.

More in my next blog when I’ll be talking about filtering data.